Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treating Flu the Natural Way

Now swine flu has become a pandemic it is important to know how to aid recovery quickly and naturally. These methods can be used for all types of flu.

Rest, rest and more rest.
Get as much sleep as possible and do not rush back to work. Eat fruits that are high in Vitamin C. These are generally the acidy ones like oranges and lemons.

Try and keep the blood alkaline by taking mineral salts. These are depleted by flu.

Flu Fighting Shopping list:

  • Orange, yellow or red – tomatoes
  • Paprika add this to chicken soup
  • Swedes
  • Pumpkins
  • Squashes
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Lemons
  • Pineapples
  • Limes
  • Garlic (antiviral & antibacterial)
  • Drink honey, lemon, and fresh ginger in hot water
Flu ToDo List
Try and eat a juice diet to give your digestion a rest and if you eat whole foods go for raw uncooked food to benefit from the nutrients. This type of detoxing will be beneficial for your all round health.

Drink plenty of water and try aim for 2 litres or even more.

Take Echinacea as a herbal tincture, suck zinc lozenges available at Zinc is a powerful immunostimulant that feeds the cells.

Take vitamin c powder.

If you develop a cough choose a homeopathic remedy that best suits the cough.

Use Pine and Lavender essential oils as a chest rub or Olbas oil.

If you get an infection (earache, chesty cough) try colloidal silver.

Once you start feeling better switch to high protein food.

Wash hands regularly with organic soap. Ecosoapia from is the best and most natural one. Regular hand washing could stop you from getting flu in the first place.

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Brendan said...

Great list! I didn't realize all the foods you could eat to ward off the flu.

Nexyoo said...

It is important to drink a great deal of fluids along with a tremendous amount of bed rest. Washing your hands often will be very important to not spread the virus any further or even to loved ones.

KonicK said...

My Family has just been eating natural and organic foods and we haven't got sick for a year or so (literally). It helps and the food's not any different than un-organic foods. So don't panic I'm organic.


CanadaInCO said...

Thank you for this

Go Green said...

You are right; you can really fight these things without the need for medication.

I don't think I will be bothering when the vaccine comes out soon.

Eco-Friendly Promotions said...

The best way to fight the flu is to prevent it. These are great natural ways to keep the flu at bay, naturally.

Ryan K. Ito said...

I agree Organic and Natural Foods free of chemicals that are not normally consumed definitely do have natural healing powers! I just saw a documentary about a raw & organic diet that helped numerous people overcome diabetes!! man o man the flu, H1N1, Diabetes.... look out cancer organic and natural foods are coming for you next!!!

EcoFriendly Fanatic said...

Great post! I love garlic when I'm sick- no one realizes how good it is for your system. A friend of mine actually takes garlic supplements (I'm afraid of them, but she seems to like it). Anyways, thanks for all the info!


A said...

I love the list. It makes it so much easier to grab the foods that can really make a difference.

josh said...

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Eco Friendly Products said...

i think it is goood getting into creating a treatment for flu in a natural way :)

EcoFriendlyChick said...

Omg! That is such an amazing list! I didn't know just eating right can ward off ill health :D

Just wanted to share a similar website I tumbled across that sells eco-friendly stuff...

I guess I will be just as crazy about your blog as the above website now :D

take care! look forward to reading more you the rest of the posts!

Mitch said...

Thanks for the great tips on how to eat healthy in this H1N1 crazy world.
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If you live on the east coast, check out Carribean Mist. We would be lost without it. said...

Excellent post! Lots of people don't know that tomatos are very high in vitamin C, which is of course excellent for the immune system. Also, just like you posted protein is also an aid in helping to fight disease. Good post!

Manhattan Air Conditioning Service said...

There are so many home remedies for diseases and sometimes they work better than medicines.So it is essential to have the knowledge and use them as and when necessary.

Cori said...

When I get the flu, I usually use lemon, ginger and honey. If I don't have ginger, I use cinnamon in place of it. You can also add thyme to the flu fighting shopping list.

Susan said...

I love your suggestions for the flu. I will definetly try some of them. I have emphysema (mild), so colds are bad news for me. You have done a great job with your page, thank you so much for lettig me visit

One Green Street said...

I am a huge fan of vitamin C therapy. I own an ecofrienldy boutique and just cannot get sick! I started to feel a tickle in my throught and drank 5,000 mg of Emerg'C that day...the next day I was as good as new!

Go Green Girl said...

What many people don't realize is that unnatural flu scenarios are, well, worse for you than having the flu.

ken said...

this would be a helful tip about food and health

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