Friday, November 23, 2007

San Francisco's plastic bag ban goes into effect

As of yesterday, is it now illegal for large grocery stores in the San Francisco to offer their customers plastic bags in which to carry home their purchases. The ordinance, which was passed earlier in the year, will be enforced starting on December 1st. However, this doesn't mean the end of all plastic bags, as the policy states that smaller grocery stores and retail businesses will still be permitted to use the bags.

Stores are allowed to use plastic bags that are compostable as well as paper bags that are made of at least 40 percent high-grade recycled paper. The compostable bags must be clearly labeled as such and should be disposed of in the city's green waste bins and not the regular garbage. The city is encouraging the use of reusable canvas bags in place of plastic and hopes that this move will make a difference in the number of plastic bags that are thrown away each year.

By Marisa McClellan

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